Hello !
I’m Letizia, a French photographer based in Brussels, Belgium.
I studied English Literature and Art in Tours. Once I got my bachelor, I left for Toulouse to write a research paper on the representation of women in the film noir genre.
In 2009, I moved to Monaco and began studio photography, assisting cim's members. I was inspired by Harcourt’s portrait style and fueled by my admiration for 1940’s cinema.
In January 2016, I relocated to Osaka, Japan, to launch my biggest personal project: a documentary about the Shikoku Pilgrimage and religious behaviorS on a broader scope. I walked / biked / hitchhiked 1200km with a 15kg camera bag for 45 days.
I came back to the west later this year and settled in the capital of the EU where I currently live and work.
I specialize in portraiture (in location and studio) and documentary. I occasionally do cityscape photography when I need to quench that thirst for straight lines.​​​​​​​
For questions and commissions, please use the contact form below.
Edit: Due to Covid-19 outbreak and personal work, commissions will be reopened in 2025.
Thank you!
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